Our Premium Tiramisu MEESOO at Home

At last! You can now enjoy MEESOO from the comfort of your home.

Italy’s favorite tiramisù is now available in home packs, online and at supermarkets and delicatessen shops across Lebanon. Each pack contains a tray of lush mascarpone cream and a bag of sponge fingers soaked in coffee.

It is extremely easy to prepare and will take no more than 10 minutes to be ready to serve.

If you’re having guests for brunch, lunch or dinner, or simply enjoying an afternoon break with friends, the new MEESOO at home pack is the perfect dessert to indulge your guests in.

What’s in the box?

✓ Tiramisù cream made with mascarpone cheese. 
✓ Premium savoiardi (lady fingers) soaked in coffee.
✓ Available in two sizes: 4 portions and 10 portions. 



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